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    & Maintenance for Industries and Services) is a research and development company that investigates methods and techniques and develops algorithms and models for the analysis of the performance of industrial systems and components in terms of

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    safety, reliability, maintenance.

    Aramis integrates expertise in the analysis of complex systems with the competence in performing advanced data analytics exploiting the most innovative statistical, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, aiming at providing the client with specific, reliable and customized solutions.

Solutions for Industry 4.0

Models and tools to guide industry towards the 4.0 era

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence to fully exploit available data for asset improvement

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Predictive Maintenance

Analytics and models for Prognostics and Health Managemet (PHM)

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Asset Management

Approaches to support decision making in complex assets

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Risk and Vulnerability

Advanced analytics to find effective and efficient solutions to reduce risk

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Logistic and operations

Models and tools for system and process simulation and optimization

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Reliable Innovation for the Companies of Tomorrow

Aramis consulting services transfer to industrial and service companies the latest and most innovative research solutions developed in collaboration with the LASAR laboratory – Politecnico di Milano.

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qualified engineering technical consulting company, founded and developed by a group of PhD researchers of the Politecnico di Milano, which since more than 25 years investigates and develops advanced methodologies and algorithms for the analysis of industrial systems and components, in support to important industrial companies.

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We apply a systemic approach to frame the proposed issues within suitable theoretical frameworks by exploiting the most innovative analytical techniques. This allows us offering unique solutions tailored to the specific needs of the Client.

Yes, we do. These are not general – purpose commercial tools; rather, we develop tools that answer to the particular needs of the Client, with its specific knowledge, information

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and data available.

Project Areas

SMART KID approach: Simulation, Modelling, Analysis, Research for Treasuring Knowledge, Information and Data


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