ARAMIS srl (Advanced Reliability Availability & Maintenance for Industries and Services) is an innovative engineering research and development consulting company.

ARAMIS has been founded and developed by a group of PhD researchers of the Politecnico di Milano, which since more than 25 years investigates and develops advanced methodologies and algorithms for the analysis of industrial systems and components, in support to several important industrial companies.


Aramis investigates methods and develops algorithms and models for the analysis of the performance of industrial systems and components in terms of safety, reliability, maintenance, by exploiting the most innovative statistical, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

Aramis researches, develops and deploys to the field:

  • Models and tools for the design and the performance evaluation of reliable, safe and resilient production and service systems
  • Models and tools for system and process simulation and optimization, for efficient industrial production systems and processes, including warehouse, supply chain, asset and maintenance management
  • Models of Life Cycle Cost and optimization tools to improve the profitability of production
  • Business models for circular, zero-waste economy
  • Process estimation and prediction, for analysis of energy, goods, services production, demand and consumption, and for components, systems and assets life management
  • Solutions of optimal predictive maintenance for «zero-defect» production, with reduced warehouse costs and improved system availability («zero unexpected shutdowns»)
  • Models and tools for the design and the performance evaluation of Cyber-Physical systems to improve the manufacturing process resilience and efficiency
  • Decision support systems to provide the asset managers with optimal portfolios of solution choices for reliable, safe and resilient system and process design, operation and maintenance
  • Models and tools to effectively and efficiently allocate safety barrier solutions to improve the occupational health safety of workers in the plant production process


Aramis works with some of the leader companies and industries, performing the analysis of systems and components of chemical industrial plants (ENI, SOL), energy production plants (General Electric – GE, Ansaldo Energia – AEN), automotive (Fiat Chrysler Automotive – FCA) and railway industries (Alstom, Reti Ferroviarie Italiane – RFI), and companies producing industrial machines, e.g., packaging machines (Tetra Pak) and manufactural industry machines (Fameccanica).


Aramis benefits from the deep engineering knowledge and the systemic view acquired throughout several years of scientific research. During their careers, the PhD researchers of Aramis have been working with some of the most well-known research centers in Europe (Ecole CentraleSupélec-France, Halden Reactor Project-Norway, ETH Zurich-Swiss), Asia (Beihang University of Technology, Tsinghua University-China) and North America (NASA, MIT, UCLA). The knowledge and the mental approach acquired by the Aramis researchers throughout their careers provide them exceptional and unique professional skills which allow tackling unusual industrial problems and developing specific solutions by exploiting innovative analytical techniques. Aramis can fulfill the specific client needs developing innovative and customized solutions not available on the market and solving problems not already tackled at the industrial level.


Aramis is ISO-9001 Certified

Aramis is registered as research institution at the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research

Our Dedicated Team

Enrico Zio

ARAMIS President

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ARAMIS Partner

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ARAMIS Partner